The King in Yellow is a book of short stories by American writer Robert W. Chambers, first published by F. Tennyson Neely in 1895

Hastur, The King in Yellow

“At the farther end was a high stone dais reached by five steps; and there on a golden throne sat a lumpish figure robed in yellow silk figured with red and having a yellow silken mask over its face. To this being, the slant-eyed man made certain signs with his hands, and the lurker in the dark replied by raising a disgustingly carven flute of ivory in silk-covered paws and blowing certain loathsome sounds from beneath its flowing yellow mask.”

“Then the figured silk slipped a trifle from one of the greyish-white paws, and Carter knew what the noisome high-priest was. And in that hideous second stark fear drove him to something his reason would never have dared to attempt, for in all his shaken consciousness there was room only for one frantic will to escape from what squatted on that golden throne.”

— H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath


15" x 19", acrylic on illustration board

Original: Sold

©2014 Jacob Walker

Limited licensing rights available


Featured in Mythos Monsters and the game Cthulhu's Vault from Jolly Roger Games/Ultra•PRO.

The King in Yellow – Art Print

Hastur invites you to his play with this 12" x 16” art print on premium photo luster paper, and fits standard frame sizes. Comes signed by the artist.

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