Hello There!

I'm passionate about making art and design that is beautiful and effective. With nearly 20 years experience as a working professional in design, printing and illustration, I've worked with great people and institutions ranging from Star Wars to the NFL.

I first began making a living as a freelance creative when I was in college. After graduation, I helped run and operate Semisans Inc., a start up design house with college friends. Years later I worked with world wide brands doing design, color separations and prepress for specialized printing companies, while freelancing and raising a family. Now I find myself creating and self publishing books, working with game companies, independent authors and craft brewers to create exciting illustrations.

Available for Freelance

Have a project or questions? Lets chat. I'm always happy to talk business, process or grab a beer.

- Jacob

Upcoming Appearances:
Partial Client List:
  • Tin Man Brewing Company
  • Ultra•PRO / Jolly Roger Games
  • Paizo Entertainment
  • Alderac Entertainment Group
  • Fantasy Flight Games
  • Steve Jackson Games
  • Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
  • Berry Plastics
  • American Heart Association Evansville
  • Evansville Living Magazine
Private Commissions 

Interested in a private commission? I have a generic contract below that covers everything and can be customized to suite your vision. There are payment options and a set schedule built in.

Most commissions are 9x12 Ink or 12x16 Acrylic.


Instagram: @jacobwalkerart