Jacob Walker - Independent Artist & Illustrator

In 2013 I ditched the cubical and went solo. Making monsters, robots, and magic is now my full time job as a self employed independent artist. I still do a little client work that ranges from Craft Breweries to Star Wars cards. My personal work delves into escapism through art centered around creepy literature and fantastical places. A passion for self publishing and 1051 amazing Kickstarter backers helped launch MythosMonsters Publishing in 2016. My plans going forward are simple, make what I love and share with those who might enjoy it too. Life is good!


Give me a shout, I'm always happy to talk business, process or grab a beer.


One Fantastic Week - Episode 165

GEN-CON: Aug 17, 2017 – Aug 20, 2017

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Do you take personal commissions?
Closed at the moment.

Are you open to licensing your art?
Yes. I own partial or full rights to most of my images and am open to licensing.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes. Message me for terms and a contract.

Can I hire you to do art for my project?
Yes. Message me with the scope of the project, budget and timeline.

What is your painting process like?
Messy. I'll be adding blog post and process videos soon. 

Do you show at any galleries or conventions?
See the events list below. Unfortunately I don't venture out of the mid-west often.

Can I bring you craft beer at conventions and shows?
Yes, yes you can.


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